VATSIM is a world wide virtual community. The main positions (e.g. the Founders, the Board of Governors and the Executive Committee) are working internationally, currently staffed with members from across the globe. 

Of course, members around the world have local groups which lead the local training, the community, and give you the local contact to hobbyists with the same hobby. Therefore, VATSIM is currently organized in six regions, which cover our virtual world. Each region is divided into different smaller organizations, called Divisions. And Divisions may hold the local member organizations such as vACCs, FIRs, or ARTCCs.

Please select one of the Regions for more information:

Region Director: Saad Belouafi
VATSIM Africa & Middle East Region (VATAME) is responsible for counties of the African continuent and Middle East including the Persian Gulf.
Region Director: Anastasios Stefopoulos
VATSIM Asia Region (VATASIA) is responsible for countries for the majority of Asia, stretching from Pakistan to Japan, though not including Russia.
Region Director: Simon Irvine
VATSIM Europe Region (VATEUR) is comprised of continental Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Balkans, Scandinavia, Turkey, the Mediterranean islands and Russian-speaking countries.
Region Director: Nicola Felini
VATSIM North America Region (VATNA) is comprised of the USA, Canada, Mexico and Central America.
Region Director: Alan Cooke
VATSIM Oceania Region (VATOCE) administers a large geographical area in the South Pacific which includes Australia, New Zealand and all the island nations in the South Pacific, including many parts of Antarctica.
Region Director: Federico Navarro
VATSIM South America Region (VATSA) administers the entire South American continent plus Central America.