President VATGOV1

Kyle Ramsey. Calls and conducts all Board of Governors meetings and directs the Board and its Members in the performance of their duties.

Vice President Operations VATGOV2

Mark Richards. Reviews, monitors, develops and implements changes to the overall VATSIM system to achieve optimum efficiency and interest.

Vice President Network Systems VATGOV3

Vacant. Oversees all network operations and acts as liaison with server owners and operators. In addition, this Governor evaluates new requests for procurement and/or donation of server space and submits recommendations to the Board of Governors for approval or disapproval.

Vice President Regions VATGOV4

Vacant. Acts as the Board of Governors’ representative to the VATSIM Executive Committee and with individual Regional Directors. In addition, this Governor assists Regional Directors with inter-regional issues.

Vice President Technical Development VATGOV5

Vacant. Works directly and indirectly to plan, develop, implement and maintain new and/or improved services for VATSIM. The primary focus of development by this Governor is on FSD Hosts and Pilot, Air Traffic Control and other clients.

Vice President Web Services VATGOV6

Kieran Hardern. Responsible for the development and maintenance of the website and other web-based services. This Governor is also charged with the maintenance of all historical documents relating to the operation and development of VATSIM including, but not limited to, Board of Governor meetings, e-mails, voting records, the Code of Regulations, Code of Conduct and User Agreement.

Vice President Conflict Resolution VATGOV8

Norman Blackburn. Coordinates the activities of various Regional and Divisional Conflict Resolution Panels. Receives complaints and assigns those complaints to the appropriate area for investigation and resolution. Receives, reviews and acts upon appeals as outlined in the Code of Regulations.

Vice President Virtual Airlines and Special Operations VATGOV9

Roger Curtiss. Responsible for building and maintaining’s partnerships with virtual airlines and with special operations (defined as military, paramilitary and civilian government flight organizations). Uses analysis and feedback to identify and implement new services for both virtual airlines and special operations. This Governor is also responsible for monitoring web sites and web links to ensure compliance with affiliation rules and guidelines. Serves as the liaison between the Board of Governors and virtual airlines/special operations flight organizations for operations conducted on VATSIM. Establishes guidelines, provides timely review of applications and monitors for adherence to VATSIM rules and regulations.

Vice President Marketing and Communications VATGOV10

Vacant. Responsible for identification, research and execution of marketing strategies, including advertising promotions, along with development of global contacts for the benefit of VATSIM members. Undertakes public relations duties on behalf of VATSIM by providing communications and news releases to media and various flight simulation related entities. Promoting VATSIM and informing members of various VATSIM activities through the website, official forums and official VATSIM Social Media accounts. Develops, directs and uses a communications and social media strategy to channel information to members and the flight simulation community. Develop and make available VATSIM branded and approved materials and procedures for VATSIM members attending and setting up booths at public facing events such as aviation themed conventions and air shows.

Vice President Supervisors VATGOV11

Gunnar Lindahl. Accepts, reviews and processes applications and requests of Members to Supervisor status. Submits requests to the Board of Governors for approval or disapproval and notifies individuals and Regional Directors of the Board’s decision regarding all such applications. This Governor is also responsible for maintenance of VATSIM database records regarding Supervisor ratings status and monitors the performance of and conducts investigations into complaints involving Supervisory personnel. Takes action as appropriate and in accordance with any rules and bylaws to suspend and/or downgrade individuals from Supervisor status when warranted. Provides assistance as needed for training or resolution of Supervisory issues.

Vice President Membership VATGOV12

Daniel Gomes. Accepts and processes individual requests for Membership to through the use of manual and/or automated systems of records. Accepts and processes changes to membership status. Maintains the membership database to ensure the validity of all accounts. Responds to inquiries on membership status. Conducts analysis of membership as directed/warranted and reports to the Board of Governors any results.

Vice President Pilot Training VATGOV14

Divya Patel. Develops, monitors, implements and maintains focus on pilot training programs within the network. Assists Regions and/or Divisions and their training directors as appropriate and/or required.