Virtual Airline & Special Operations Team is composed of people who work tirelessly to improve VATSIM's relationship with external virtual flight organisations. As a VA and/or SOA partner, it is likely that you will communicate with one of our representatives as we perform our regular audits. Anyone who has any questions about VATSIM and our already approved VAs should contact us on our trouble ticketing system and we will respond promptly. Please remember to open the dropdown area, scroll down, and select VA Partners.


Roger Curtiss Vice President Virtual Airlines & Special Operations
Tim Wong Director Virtual Airline Relations
Nathan Noble Director Special Operations 
James Pheibush Deputy Director Special Operations 
Ciaran Longmuir Special Operations Regional Advisor Europe 1
Scott Daniels Special Operations Regional Advisor Europe 2
Kevin Corprew Special Operations Regional Advisor Middle East
Nicklas Bieber Special Operations Regional Advisor USA 1
David Love-Brice Special Operations Regional Advisor Oceania
Alan Cooke Virtual Airline Associates Team Lead
Antonio Dujmovic VA Audit Manager
Marceli Borowczak VA Audit Manager
Jack Gravez VA Audit Manager
Kyle Watkins VA Audit Manager
Leslie Jarrett VA Audit Manager
Renan Agondi VA Audit Manager