VATSIM BoG Q1 2016 Meeting Notice

April 16, 2016 2000z on BoG TS Server

Open meeting, attendance, apologies, record ad hoc votes since last meeting - KR

Old Business:
1. GOV Department Updates with metrics (max 5 min each) - All

New Business (expect 20 minutes minimum for each of these)
1. Email to members who haven't connected in a while - PN
2. Interim social media handling - GL
3. Approval for new Welcome Email - DG
4. BoG Position Descriptions - MR
5. VATGOV10 Replacement - MR
6.  Are we growing the business? - KR
7.  CoC Update Committee - NB

VATSIM Attending FlightSimCon 2016 in June

Those who don't know, FlightSimCon is the biggest annual flight simulation and aviation conference in North America for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. The conference will be filled with exciting flight simulator demos, vendors and exhibitors, seminars, and social events. In 2015, over 320 people participated along with our ZNY and ZBW crew in North East US. This is a great opportunity to connect with simmers, real world pilots and controllers, developers, and of course fellow VATSIMers.

vERAM Launched

Ross Carlson and VATSIM are proud to present VATSIM's newest air traffic control radar client: vERAM.

vERAM is a high-fidelity simulation of a real-world enroute radar system used in many US ARTCC facilities. The vERAM client has many of the features of its real world equivalent, such as:

VATSIM Indicators

I am pleased to announce the return of the VATSIM Indicators. This service (previously run externally to VATSIM) went offline at the end of last year. We are pleased to welcome it back, with some modifications and improvements!

You can login at to obtain your signature link and/or customise your image.

My thanks to Anthony Lawrence and Florian Harms for their work on this.

VATSIM Announces 2015 Golden Mic Awards

VATSIM is proud to announce the 2015 Golden Mic Awards.

Golden Mic recognises the top 50 ATC facilities for online time during 2015 and shows the number of combined Controller hours and the percentage of the year that the position has been staffed.

This year, in addition to Golden Mic, we are privileged to award Silver and Bronze awards for the first time.

A big thanks to Florian Harms, Division Director of VATSIM Europe Division for creating the award templates.