Upcoming Changes to vPilot Software

vPilot developer, Ross Carlson, has announced plans for major development for the very popular vPilot pilot client software.

Included are major changes to the way vPilot performs model matching so that you can see other aircraft flying near you online.

For full details, and to provide Ross with feedback on the proposed changes, visit the vPilot forum on the VATSIM Forums.

VATSIM BoG Q4 2015 Meeting Notice

Jan 16, 2016 2000z on BoG TS Server

Open meeting, attendance, apologies, record ad hoc votes since last meeting - KR

Old Business:
1. GOV Department Updates (max 5 min each) - All

New Business (expect 20 minutes minimum for each of these)
1. SUP team update - GL
2. Membership retention strategies - GL
3. Membership Team Leadership - DG
4. BoG Position Descriptions - MR
5. VATGOV10 Replacement - MR
6. FlightSimCon 2016 Update - DP
7. A9/A14 Discussion - KR


Happy Holidays to all VATSIM Members

On behalf of the Founders, BoG and the EC, we want to wish all VATSIM members a great holiday season wherever you are.

We hope you get to enjoy the company of your family and loved ones during the holiday and that everyone has a healthy and prosperous New Year. We wish for peace and security for all our members and their families and we look forward to seeing you all on both sides of the scope in 2016.


Kyle Ramsey

Boston Virtual ARTCC - Authorized Training Organization

It is an honor for the VATSIM Pilot Training Department (PTD) to announce Boston Virtual ARTCC (BVA) as an Authorized Training Organization (ATO) offering P3 to P5 ratings to VATSIM Pilots. In summer 2015, Boston Virtual ATC merged with VATSIM to form a new organization Boston Virtual ARTCC. PTD likes to thank members at Boston for their commitment to VATSIM and congratulate them for establishing an exceptional community for simmers. We at PTD are confident that pilots will be able to get the most out of BVA's training program and experienced staff.

Region Director VATSIM OCEANIA Applications Now Open

Region Director VATSIM OCEANIA

Within the VATSIM Oceania Region there are two divisions, Australia-Pacific and New Zealand. Overall VATSIM Oceania Region (VATOCE) administers a large geographical area in the South Pacific which includes Australia, New Zealand and all the island nations in the South Pacific, including many parts of Antarctica. The Region Director manages and overseas each of these divisions and acts as the link between the Divisions and the VATSIM Board of Governors.

VATSIM Pilot Ron Oines Achieves 25,000 Virtual Flying Hours

I got an email today letting me know I had a promise to fulfill to this gentleman, Ron Oines 810755, who has just gone over 25,000 hours (25,001 to be exact) that I would make him the 25,000 hour Pilot badge when he crossed it. Ron has been a member since July 2001.

25,000 hours is 1,041.67 days, or 148.8 weeks, or an astounding 2.86 YEARS in the cockpit while flying VATSIM.

Thanks Ron, the order for the new badge is off to the design group!


Kyle Ramsey

Mark Richards Selected as VP Operations (VATGOV2)

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the selection process to find our next VATGOV2 has concluded and we found quite a gem.

We had several good candidates and the final vote was with three qualified contenders. The vote was concluded and Mark has accepted the job and of course the generous pay raise.

Please join me in welcoming and congratulating Mark Richards, formerly RD and EC Chairman, who today joins the BoG as VP Operations!

Postings to replace Mark's RD position will follow shortly. Interested parties, please prepare your CV's.