VATSiM Celebrates 15th Anniversary

It was on this day, July 27, 2001, that the first pilot and controller connected to the new VATSIM online network.  A big thank you to the thousands of members presently here and the thousands more who have spent time and enriched themselves and other members in the shared passion for aviation and the art of air traffic control.  We especially want to thank all the members who volunteer their time to maintain the servers and web sites, provide training in ATC and flying, supervisors who help members enjoy the network, membership volunteers who answer hundreds of tickets every month, and the

Notice of a Meeting and Agenda of the VATSIM Board of Governors

Pursuant to Article 2.07 of the VATSIM Code of Regulations and in accordance with the Notice published on the Meeting Minute page of the VATSIM website, on behalf of the VATSIM President, I hereby give Notice of the Quarterly Meeting of the VATSIM Board of Governors, with respect to Q2 2016 (April to June).

Details and agenda can be found in the VATSIM Forums.

Luca Benelli Retires from BoG

Last week Luca Benelli, VATGOV3, VP of Network Systems, announced to the board that due to his increasing real life commitments he was stepping down. We have been living the last week in denial but now come to the reality we must say goodbye to a dear friend.

VATSIM BoG Q1 2016 Meeting Notice

April 16, 2016 2000z on BoG TS Server

Open meeting, attendance, apologies, record ad hoc votes since last meeting - KR

Old Business:
1. GOV Department Updates with metrics (max 5 min each) - All

New Business (expect 20 minutes minimum for each of these)
1. Email to members who haven't connected in a while - PN
2. Interim social media handling - GL
3. Approval for new Welcome Email - DG
4. BoG Position Descriptions - MR
5. VATGOV10 Replacement - MR
6.  Are we growing the business? - KR
7.  CoC Update Committee - NB