BOOK NOW: VATSIM Connexion 2017


We are delighted to announce that tickets are now available to book for Connexion 2017. The website is available here. Tickets are 99GBP per person. For all details, please visit the website.

We are pleased to announce further details of the 2017 VATSIM convention in London, UK.

VATSIM11 Tom Schroeder Departs the Pattern

It is with a heavy heart that I must tell our VATSIM family that Founder Tom Schroeder has passed away from heart failure.

We thank him for his contributions, his vision, the support he has provided to VATSIM since its inception, and he will be sorely missed by us all.

VATSIM11, you are cleared to your destination as filed, climb to the stars, frequency change approved.

VATSIM appoints two new Governors

VATSIM is delighted to announce the appointment of Jackson Harding as Vice President, Regions (VATGOV4) and Tim Barber as Vice President, Supervisors (VATGOV11).

Jackson has been a member of VATSIM since its inception and was previously a member of SATCO. He has held a number of roles, most recently sitting on the Executive Committee as the Region Director for Oceania.

Worldflight 2016 Raises Significant Funds for Charities

Worldflight 2016 has been amazing with regard to the monies raised for various charities around the world. Terry Scanlan, from Worldflight HQ has summarised the TOTAL money raised in each currency as follows:

  • AUD102,370
  • EUR70,860
  • USD75,130
  • GBP60,800

A fantastic result guys and congratulations to all teams.

VATSIM BoG Q3 2016 Meeting Agenda for Nov 26, 2017

Open meeting, roll call, apologies and proxies - Kyle
Ad Hoc votes since last meeting - Mark
Welcome new VP Regions and VP Supervisors - Kyle

Old Business

    Email to members who haven't connected in a while - Kyle
    ATC Sub Team Report - Kieran
    Pilot Sub Team Report - Divya
    CoC Rewrite Update - Kieran

New Business

    Combined BoG/EC Meeting - Gunnar/Kyle
    CoR Update for Post Factum Suspensions - Kyle

Department updates:

Vacancy: Hit Squad Coordinator

The VATSIM Hit Squad is a team of long-standing members who go into developing VATSIM regions to help them get started. You can read more about the Hit Squad here.

The Executive Committee is seeking to re-invigorate and revitalize the Hit Squad. The Hit Squad will now be administered by the Executive Committee. As part of this process the E.C. welcomes applications from suitable candidates to take on the new role of Hit Squad Coordinator.

Board of Governors Position Descriptions Published

Hello all

VATSIM is pleased to announce that updated position descriptions for all Board of Governors positions have been published on the VATSIM website.

They are now formatted to show:

  • Duties of the Position Holder
  • Duties expected as a member of the BoG
  • Position Holder Attributes

These position descriptions will be used for future appointments but also to focus incumbent BoG members on their role and responsibilities.