VATSIM sets new record

During Cross The Pond Eastbound 2016, the record for number of unique users connected to VATSIM at once was broken. This huge event, one of the highlights of the VATSIM calendar, saw 1,488 VATSIM members connected, the highest number ever.

Cross The Pond Eastbound 2017


The wait is finally over...

VATSIM Cross The Pond Eastbound 2017 will take place on Saturday 14th October.

About Cross The Pond

Cross The Pond takes place twice a year (westbound in March, eastbound in October) and is one of the busiest and most sought after events in the VATSIM calendar. It is a mass crossing of the North Atlantic with full ATC offered the whole way, with heavy traffic levels guaranteed for your whole flight.

AccuMap released for public use

VATSIM is excited to share that the developers of AccuMap have released a Windows version for public download today.

AccuMap is a brand new tool to view who is online on the VATSIM network. It displays pilots and controllers on a zoomable map of the world. The really neat thing is that this program allows accurate depiction of split ATC sector boundaries, and the developers intend to update their database as changes are made in the future.

VATSIM has a New President

VATSIM has a New President - Released 21 August 2017


It is with much pleasure that the Board of Governors announce that Gunnar Lindahl has been appointed as the new VATSIM President (VATGOV1) for the next two years.


Gunnar lives near London, UK where he works in the railway industry. Gunnar was introduced to VATSIM in May 2006 by a friend and became a regular pilot in the UK and Europe before training as a Controller in the VATUK Division, reaching the C3 rating on London Control a few years later.


New Voice Codec & Voice UNICOM

We have had a busy couple of weeks at VATSIM with a number of announcements being made both at our convention in London last weekend and here on the forums. This post intends to summarise the position of VATSIM on two of these.

New Voice Codec

Voice quality on VATSIM has long been the subject of much discussion on our network, with the compatibility of older pilot clients being a barrier to upgrading to a new voice codec which would improve voice quality for our pilots and controllers.