Golden Mic 2017 Announced

VATSIM is proud to announce the 2017 Golden Mic Awards.

Golden Mic recognises the top 50 ATC facilities for online time during 2017 and shows the number of combined Controller hours and the percentage of the year that the position has been staffed.

Congratulations to:



VATSIM seeks three Governors

VATSIM seeks Vice Presidents, Network Systems (VATGOV3), Technical Development (VATGOV5) and Web Services (VATGOV6)

VATSIM is a voluntary international online flight simulation network with well over 70,000 active members. We're working to make VATSIM fit for the future and consolidate our position as the number one online flight simulation network. To achieve this, three exciting vacancies on our Board of Governors are now open for applications.

VATSIM seeks Vice President, Marketing and Communications


VATSIM seeks Vice President, Marketing and Communications (VATGOV10)

VATSIM is an international online flight simulation network with well over 70,000 active members. An exciting vacancy on our Board of Governors is now open for applications. If you're a well-established VATSIM member who has a real passion for the network and both the ideas and skill to deliver great marketing, both internal and external, for the network, we want to hear from you!

POSITION VACANCY: United States Division Director

Members from VATUSA​ - VATSIM is on the lookout for a new Division Director for your Division. 

A special thank you to Don Desfosse for his dedicated service as Division Director since February 3, 2013. We wish Don all the best on his 'retirement'.

Full details of the application process can be found at

Michael Bevington


It is with much sadness that VATSIM reports the passing of long time VATSIM member Michael Bevington ID 814931, who passed away suddenly on October 21, 2017.

Mike's official family obituary can be found here.

VATSIM invited Mike's longest standing VATSIM friends, and VATSIM Founders George Marinakis and Richard Jenkins to write some personal words on Mike for the VATSIM membership:

Worldflight 2017


WORLDFLIGHT 2017 - 4th November 2200z to 11th November 0855z

VATSIM is excited to host Worldflight 2017, one of the most hotly anticipated events on the network. Worldflight is a charity event where teams based in a number of fixed-based sims across the world fly a pre-defined route around the world to raise money for various good causes. Everyone is invited to join in by flying together across the globe with full ATC, 24 hours a day along the route!