New Server: Singapore

VATSIM is pleased to announce a new server located in Singapore. This network and voice server is now live in our network to give better connectivity to members in the area.

Voice is available at:

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes Q1-2015 Posted

Minutes of the VATSIM Executive Committee Quarterly meeting held on 09MAY15 have now been posted to the VATSIM Website.

To view the minutes, visit

Members are advised that further consultation will take place with Division representatives regarding the proposed amendments to the Global Ratings Policy. Until  all  the  GRP  changes  have  been  determined,  all  other  updates  to  the  GRP  as  announced  in  the Q3-2014  EC  minutes  are  have  been  placed  on  hold.

VATGOV 14 Appointed.

It is with much pleasure that I announce that Divya Patel has accepted the position of VP - Pilot Training. Divya joins the Board of Governors immediately and will be continuing the good work of his predecessor, Pan, adding his own methods and styles to grow the department and training programs.

Divya brings a wealth of Aviation knowledge to the position with him. Divya is currently employed with Boeing as an Systems Engineer.

Q1 2015 Executive Committee Meeting Postponed

The Q1 2015 Executive Committee meeting was planned for next weekend, 8 April 2015.

Unfortunately, I was asked this week to travel overseas on business so I will not be available for the meeting and a couple of other EC members had pressing engagements.

We have therefore postponed our meeting until 9 May 2015 at 20:00z. The proposed GRP amendments will be discussed then.

Meeting dates can be found at

Mark Richards - Chairman VATSIM Executive Committee

Temporary Network Servers

As the network gets quite busy during Cross the Pond, we've added 2 additional network servers, UK2 and USA-E2. These will be available from now until the day after CTP (29th March).

Please do give them a try out in advance so that if there are any issues, we can tackle them before the event. All the other servers will be available as normal.

Expected Server outages

The hosts of various servers will be performing some essential maintenance including a reboot in the coming week. This is unfortunately out of our hands; therefore several network servers will be unavailable for a period of an hour or more. When the scheduled reboot time is approaching, we will restrict new connections to the affected network servers so that we minimise the number of people effected by the reboot.

The effected servers/services and the approximate UTC times are: