09 January 2021


Dear VATSIM Members,


Today we were informed by the team at FLAI, who maintained the most robust model matching solution for our FSX & P3D users, that they are suspending their services with immediate effect.


The reasoning for this is a disagreement between FLAI and the Alpha India Group, who have the ownership rights to about 90% of the liveries included in the FLAI package. As a result of this disagreement, Alpha India Group have revoked the permissions for their works to be redistributed via FLAI. FLAI takes having permission to redistribute authors original works very seriously, and therefore could not continue to operate without this key permission.


We know how important a robust model matching solution is for all of our members. Users who currently have FLAI installed on their machines will still be able to use the package. However new and existing users will not be able to download or update the package. 


VATSIM has reached out to representatives at Alpha India Group and the former FLAI team members in the hopes of finding a resolution that will allow our FSX and P3D users to continue to have a comprehensive and easily installed model matching solution as we had with FLAI.


We would like to thank the FLAI team for for their hard work over the past years with this project. Their contribution will be sorely missed by the entire flight simulation community. We are actively seeking a solution and will advise you of any updates as soon as we are able.


Best Regards,

VATSIM’s Board of Governors