VATSIM is excited to welcome Worldflight 2016 to its network again this year.

Worldflight is an annual charity event in which a number of teams based in full-sized flight simulators around the globe fly a pre-defined route to visit dozens of VATSIM airports around the world. The beauty of the event: first, that local VATSIM facilities provide full air traffic control coverage for the event and all VATSIM pilots are invited to fly with us; second, that the event raises thousands for a number of worthy charities.

Worldflight will kick off on Saturday November 5th and lasts for a week.

To see a list the list of participating flight simulators (each has their own website, live stream and methods to donate) follow the link above to the Worldflight website. The website also contains the route, timings and other useful information for the event.

For more information or to ask a question related to this huge event, read the forum thread here.