The VATSIM Technical Development department is seeking applications for the position of Managing Director FSD Development to assist the VP Technical Development in leading a team of developers, focusing on server software development.

The primary role of the position is to work closely with the VP Technical Development and other technology department teams on the follow projects:

• Implement ICAO FPL 2012, to replace the existing FAA-based infrastructure and standards;

• Implement CPLDC, ACARS and D-ATIS and an endpoint for native implementation in aircraft and other software such as PMDG GFO and PFPX.

• Make necessary performance and optimisation changes to the VATSIM FSD.

• Plan and implement a new modern network architecture.


Candidates must:

• Be at least 18 years of age at the time of application; and

• Be fluent in at least English; and

• Be a member of the VATSIM network for no less than 24 months at the time of application; and

• Have a clean VATSIM record for no less than 12 months at the time of application; and

• Have a basic understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); and

• Have excellent Team Management skills; and

• Be willing to dedicate a minimum of 1-3 hours per week on average to this position.

The ideal candidate should also:

• Hold a VATSIM ATC rating of Controller (C1) or higher; and

• Be proficient in C based languages (C++/C# is a must for interpreting existing network architecture) as well as any other relevant languages; and

• Demonstrate experience in large-scale network development (online gaming experience preferred).


Applications are to be sent via e-mail to [email protected] (Attn: VATSIM VP of Technical Development) by no later than Sunday 9th December 2018. Applicants should describe their interest in VATSIM Technology Department work, their past experiences in networking, passion for online flight simulation and what may set them apart from other applicants. They should also include a VATSIM related resume. After an initial evaluation of the applications suitable candidates will be contacted for a interview. I look forward to working with you, together, to bring VATSIM into the future!


Zach Biesse-Fitton VATSIM VP Technical Development