1 Position Title

Technical Developer

2 Position Summary   

As part of the VATSIM technical development team (and thus the VATSIM staff team), a developer will work closely with VATGOV5, his/her delegates and external VATSIM developers on various projects that aim to improve the functionality of the network and enjoyment for all users. A developer will also be expected to work independently on projects that have been delegated to his/her self or their own projects and ideas.

3 Skills and Values Required

  • Skill: C++ experience;
  • Skill: Multi-platform development experience;
  • Skill: Voice Library/Audio Codec experience;
  • Skill: The ability to work both in a team, and independently;
  • Skill: Networking experience;
  • Value: Near enough is never good enough;
  • Value: Always striving to make something better, even if it isn’t broken;
  • Value: A passion for VATSIM and it’s future.
  • Experience: Be in good standing with VATSIM.

4 Duties and Responsibilities

4.1 Reports to

  • VP Technical Development (VATGOV5)
  • Project Leader (as delegated by VATGOV5)

4.2 Confidentiality and privileges

As a member of the technical staff team, you will be required to respect and uphold the VATSIM confidentiality agreement.

4.3 Expected commitment

You will be expected to contribute a minimum of 1-5 hours per week. During periods of high team workload, you may be expected to contribute more to ensure deadlines are met.

Applications will be accepted indefinitely. All applications shall be e-mailed to vpdev[at]vatsim.net