Open meeting, roll call, apologies and proxies - Kyle
Ad Hoc votes since last meeting - Mark
Welcome new VP Regions and VP Supervisors - Kyle

Old Business

    Email to members who haven't connected in a while - Kyle
    ATC Sub Team Report - Kieran
    Pilot Sub Team Report - Divya
    CoC Rewrite Update - Kieran

New Business

    Combined BoG/EC Meeting - Gunnar/Kyle
    CoR Update for Post Factum Suspensions - Kyle

Department updates:

    EC Meeting and Regions Report - Kyle and TBD
    Network and Development Report - Kieran
    CR Report - Norman
    VA/SOA Report - Roger
    Marketing and Communications Report - Gunnar
        London 2017
        Social Media update
        Global staff mailing lists
        FlightSimCon 2017
    Supervisors Report - Gunnar and TBD
    Membership Report - Daniel
    Pilot Training Report - Divya