VATIL hosted a Town Hall meeting on their TS channel yesterday with Yarden Ben-Dor (VATIL1) and Or Bahtari (VATIL2) leading the meeting. Also in attendance was Thomas Mathieu (VATAME1) and his assistant Mahmoud Fadli (VATAME2) along with myself. About 25 people were there from the division. Below is a list of the topics covered in this voice meeting that lasted about 1:45 on their TS channel. The meeting was in English but Hebrew translation was available.

  1. VATSIM Training, ATC and Pilot
    Network punishes me as ATC with required training but pilots get a free walk on with no requirements and low standards. Why?
    Pilots AFK.
    Il controllers in Euro Control, can we?
    Moving VATIL to Europe Region.
    Why are there so few, if any, SUPs from VATIL? We have submitted applications but can't seem to get selected.
    Visiting controller policies (BTW, learned here that while charts for VFR are Hebrew only they do not exclude visiting controllers who don't speak Hebrew).
    Will VATSIM implement CPDLC?
    TS problems with regard to CoC and calling SUPs. (we went into a longer discussion on what parts of the internet are covered by CoC and can be sanctioned by a DCRM, and how the CR process works, how referrals are made).
    VATIL events, how to get them posted and visible. They have a good FB page: ... 3126284466

I want to thank Yarden and Or for the great meeting and it was wonderful to meet the people who are VATSIM.

Are you interested in the answers to come of these questions? Would you like to attend a Town Hall in your division? Just ask your Division Director to set up a meeting and invite myself and other BoG and EC members and we will do our best to come and give you answers as well as just listen to your concerns and challenges.


Kyle Ramsey