In readiness for the release of Velocity, VATSIM is announcing the upcoming retirement of 5 pilot clients and 2 controller clients effective 0000z on April 1, 2021. The pilot clients are Squawkbox, Squawkbox747, Squawkbox for Fly!, XConnect, and FSINN. The controller clients are ASRC and SPARC. These clients will no longer be able to connect to VATSIM servers after this time. Please note, that at this time, xSquawkbox for xPlane is not affected and will continue to be compatible with VATSIM.


            The reasoning behind the decommissioning of these clients is the progress that has been made on VATSIM’s Velocity technology, which will change the update of other users’ aircraft from once every five seconds to five times every second. VATSIM Velocity is entering late alpha stages and is on track for release later this year. You can see a video of our alpha at


            Getting the network servers ready for beta testing and release necessitates the retirement of the legacy clients as they are no longer supported by their developers and updates are required for the pilot and ATC clients to work with Velocity and future VATSIM improvements.  We want to thank the developers of our legacy clients for the role their time and products made in making VATSIM what it is today.


Thank you to our members for continuing to make VATSIM the busiest online aviation network in the world, and we look forward to releasing Velocity to you soon!