POIs are responsible for serving as a direct liaison with assigned ATOs, evaluating new ATO applications, new pilot training programs, answering their ATO’s questions, conducting periodic compliance audits, and helping ensure the overall success of their assigned ATO’s in their area of the world. 

POIs report to VATGOV14 and their Directors of Operation


You will:

- Abide by the requirements of the VATSIM CoR and ATO Handbook
- Shares a vision of continuing to grow the Pilot Training Department and help the members of the VATSIM network
- Responsible for working in a divided workload, being creative, and adaptable to project changes
- Actively participates in department discussion and collaboration
- Maintains a professional and respectful attitude at all times
- Maintains an active online presence via email/Discord/etc.

Although not required, it is preferred that applicants have past experience in Authorized Training Organization work or other managerial experience.



Interested candidates should be aware that this is not an entry-level position. Candidates will have access to sensitive department information meaning past disciplinary action will be taken into account. The workload is very manageable but may require varied workloads from time to time (rarely including deadlines). Candidates are expected to be able to have at least a moderate level of comprehension and application of the English language. POI’s will be given region placement preference to their real-world location and ability to speak the local language(s). Only those who understand the requirements and can make the commitment should consider applying.

Interested candidates should submit the following:

- Full Name, active E-Mail, and VATSIM CID

- Summary of your real-world and/or VATSIM relevant experience to the POI position

- Any other relevant information you would like to provide

Applications must be submitted via email to:[email protected] and [email protected]


Good luck!