07 June 2021


VATSIM is happy to announce that Nick Cavacini and Simon Kelsey have been selected to join VATSIM’s Board of Governors as Vice President – Supervisors and Vice President – Pilot Training.  

Nick has been a member of VATSIM since 2008. He currently is a controller for VATUSA’s New York ARTCC. He has served in staff positions throughout VATSIM including as the Deputy Director for the Gander Oceanic FIR, and most recently as Assistant to the Vice President – Supervisors.  He has been a part of VATSIM’s supervisory team since 2015.


Simon has been a member of VATSIM since its creation in 2001. He passionately believes in enhancing the enjoyment of virtual pilots through the sharing and development of knowledge and learning. He has been a member of BAVirtual for over a decade and as Director of Training and was responsible for establishing BAV’s VATSIM Authorised Training Organization. Simon has been a part of the Simfest Worldflight Team helping raise money for charity since 2006.


Nick and Simon are replacing Tim Barber who was named Vice President – Operations and Ethan Hawes who recently retired from the BoG. They bring a fresh new perspective to the Board of Governors, and we look forward to seeing them in their new roles. Please congratulate Nick and Simon if you run into them online!