It is with sadness that I announce Kieran Hardern has stepped down from his post as Vice President, Web Services on the Board of Governors.

Kieran has been instrumental in both the day-to-day work of VATSIM as well as working tirelessly to improve our services over many years. He has done a huge amount of work covering a number of different roles, and is responsible for, to name a few, our current itieration of the VATSIM website and the game-changing Single Sign-On System which so many VATSIM organisations now use.

The Board of Governors wish Kieran the best for the future and thank him for his service.

News about the filling of the now-vacant technical positions (VP Network Systems VATGOV3, VP Technical Deveopment VATGOV5 and VP Web Services VATGOV6) will be forthcoming in due course. In the meantime, Jamie Fox and Matt Cianfarani will be the main points of contact for looking after our web services. Their contact details are below:-

Jamie Fox - j.fox (at) vatsim.net

Matt Cianfarani - m.cianfarani (at) vatsim.net