The BoG will hold it's Q3 2015 voice meeting on Nov 21, 2015 at 2000z and have invited the members of the EC to join them for this meeting. The agenda is as follows, questions to the BoG or EC can be emailed to myself.

* Open meeting, take attendance and apologies, record ad hoc votes – 5 Min
* GOV1 Update – KR – 10 min
* Discuss VATSIM Conferences – KR/GL/KH – 20 min
* Planned Voice protocol Updates – KH – 15 min
* 2020: A VATSIM Odyssey – KR – Expected Outcome – Global Outcome is to build a vision and path for what VATSIM will look like by 2020. This agenda item is specifically for our Step 2 Most Desired Future Task discussion, from forum threads, to build on what has been posted by voice. This is also a test to see how well these discussions go by voice alone per a suggestion from an RD – 45 min
* Close Meeting