VATSIM is looking for members who are attending FlightSim Expo (June 7-9th, 2019) in Orlando, FL, USA that would be willing to assist VATSIM running the display on the show floor. 

Volunteers for the display team will commit to working Air Traffic Control Positions or interacting with the public (answering questions and promoting VATSIM) at least 1 hour each day of the show. Members within the VATUSA division who would like to work the featured control positions will be expected to dedicate a small amount of time to self study on the positions to be staffed prior to arrival at FSExpo. Members who are part of other divisions will be allocated time blocks to staff positions within their division. 

This is an excellent way to help promote VATSIM and encourage fellow flight simmers to join our community and we hope you will consider lending a hand!

Those members interested in joining the display team may submit applications at