Happy New Year to all 80,000 plus VATSIM members! We want to thank all of you for your continued participation and volunteer work this year that continues to make VATSIM the number one online flight simulation network in the world. 


2019 was a big year for us, highlighted by the long awaited release of our new audio technology, Audio for VATSIM. While Audio for VATSIM was the biggest news of the year, we would be remiss if we did not highlight the other achievements done by our members in the past year. We continued and expanded our presence at flight simulations trade shows such as FlightSim Expo which allowed many of our members to meet each other in person as well as introduce the network to a large portion of the flight simulation community who had no idea we existed.  Our pilot training department put the finishing touches on revisions to the pilot ratings program which will be rolled out in 2020. Our member engagement group began one of the most innovative events catered to new members in VATSIM First Wings, our ATC divisions and facilities put on a record number of events, and finally everyone contributed to shatter our simultaneous unique connection record which now stands at 1,782.


As we leave behind the 2010s and venture into the 2020s, we are very excited for the future of our network. We already have projects slated for release in 2020 that will make all users very happy. These include a new user portal and website which will  feature a global events and ATC booking calendar, implementation of the basic knowledge check for new VATSIM members to ensure that new members know what VATSIM is and where to find help prior to being issued a membership number, and enhancements to Audio for VATSIM including ATC client native implementation.


There are many other projects being done by all our teams which we are not ready to release details on, but we know that these enhancements will make a better experience for all VATSIM members as well as secure the future of our network!


We hope you have a safe and happy new year and look forward to seeing you on the network in 2020!


Best Regards,

VATSIM’s Founders, Board of Governors, and Executive Committee