It's nearly time for the biggest event of the year - Cross The Pond is less than 12 hours away!

Following an update to our Audio for VATSIM code, the connection cap has been lifted to 2,100 which should be more than enough for the event. Server load will be monitored closely and the cap may be lifted further if needed. This will be the largest scale test of your new voice solution to date, so there may be some minor hiccoughs as we put it through its paces.

If you are flying with a slot, you will shortly be able to see your routings by logging into the CTP website. If you are flying WITHOUT a slot, you MUST visit for instructions on planning your flight.

We'll once again be using natTrack - our online position reporting tool - for position reports in oceanic airspace. Visit - please note this is only functional when logged in as a pilot. You will still need to request oceanic clearance via the frequency but position reporting can then be made via the uplink.

We'll be tweeting as much as we can from Send us your screenshots and experiences!