It is an honor for the VATSIM Pilot Training Department (PTD) to announce Boston Virtual ARTCC (BVA) as an Authorized Training Organization (ATO) offering P3 to P5 ratings to VATSIM Pilots. In summer 2015, Boston Virtual ATC merged with VATSIM to form a new organization Boston Virtual ARTCC. PTD likes to thank members at Boston for their commitment to VATSIM and congratulate them for establishing an exceptional community for simmers. We at PTD are confident that pilots will be able to get the most out of BVA's training program and experienced staff.

Find more details about BVA and its pilot training program below.

Boston Virtual ARTCC is an integrated community of pilots and controllers operating within the Boston Center (ZBW) airspace on VATSIM. In addition to providing air traffic control within the Boston ARTCC on VATSIM, we have an active community of pilots who work with the controllers to create one of the most realistic air traffic control environments available online. We encourage both controllers and pilots who have an interest in the airspace, and a willingness to be part of our integrated community, to join.

BVA provides everything a pilot needs to get connected and start flying. We also provide a self-study Pilot Ratings Program designed to help pilots learn about flying within the ATC system. Pilots complete the program by reviewing the information available online and then requesting monitoring when ATC is staffed in the ZBW ARTCC (located in the U.S. Northeast). Controllers monitor your flight for the associated test standards, and can issue a passing rating if the flight is completed successfully.

Upon completion of the first six VFR flights, pilots are eligible to obtain the P3 rating. When pilots complete PRP IFR 1-5, they are eligible for P4. Finally, pilots can obtain the P5 rating by completing all IFR flights in the Pilot Ratings Program.

In order to participate in BVA’s Pilot Ratings Program and to be eligible to obtain Pilot Ratings through our ATO, VATSIM pilots must be members of Boston Virtual ARTCC. Joining involves a basic knowledge exam and an application. For more information about Boston Virtual ARTCC, visit, or submit an application to join. Anthony Colduck
Director VATSIM Pilot Training Academy
[email protected]