VATSIM wants to thank you for the unprecedented interest, traffic levels, and support we have seen since the launch of Audio for VATSIM on Monday.  As we head into our first weekend using our new technology, we are taking some actions to maintain the stability of the voice servers while we continue to isolate and correct an issue that arises when VATSIM exceeds just over 1,000 simultaneous connections. This is not related to server capacity itself, of which we have plenty.


As a result of this issue, we will be continuing with a connection limit on each server of 147 simultaneous connections through the weekend. This means that VATSIM will be limited to a maximum of 1,036 simultaneous connections across the 7 servers. We fully anticipate that we will hit this number a few times throughout the weekend. We do not expect there to be extended times where the VATSIM connection cap is reached, but there could be times where a single server’s connection cap could be reached. 


If you encounter this situation, you will receive an error message stating “There are too many users already connected to your chosen server. Please choose another server to connect to VATSIM.” 


The solution is to check the servers tab of your VATSIM map to see which server has space and try connecting to that server. Note that your server location will have no effect on your VATSIM experience - the voice servers sit separately to the network servers so delay is not affected by you connecting to a server further away from your location.


In order for all who would like to use VATSIM over this weekend to have the opportunity, we need your help and cooperation by complying with these requests.


  • Upon completion of a flight, users are requested to immediately disconnect instead of staying connected while idle at a gate to listen to the traffic. In the same vein, users are requested not to connect to VATSIM until they are ready to file their flight plan and receive clearance. 
  • If you are doing a longer haul flight and anticipate the need for an extended step away, please disconnect from VATSIM. Not only is this part of the Code of Conduct, but with limited connection availability it allows those actively using the network to connect. Supervisors have been advised to disconnect users who have stepped away whilst in an active Air Traffic Controller’s airspace and do not respond quickly per CoC B3.
  • Air Traffic Controllers are requested to  consider giving up their sessions to another qualified controller who wants to control the same position if the controller has been on position for 2 hours or more. Please ensure that the controller relieving you has successfully connected prior to disconnecting so your position does not go offline and is unable to get another controller online.
  • Air Traffic Controllers are also asked to not transmit and receive on multiple frequencies. Each controller may transmit and receive on only one frequency unless temporarily relieving another controller in the top down hierarchy
  • Where we reach server capacity, VATSIM may suspend voice ATIS connections and observer connections in favor of having slots available for active controller and pilot connections. Such messages will be broadcast to all users on the network. Should you receive such a broadcast, Air Traffic Controllers are requested to disconnect their ATIS messages and proceed using a text only ATIS and Observers are requested to log off and reconnect as a Pilot or Air Traffic Controller or continue their observing session at a later time. 


We want all of VATSIM’s members to have an enjoyable first weekend on Audio for VATSIM and regret that we must keep these connection limits in place. However as this issue results in instability of the Audio for VATSIM infrastructure when above 1,000 users, it’s a step that must be taken to ensure all connected users have a seamless experience. 


The Audio for VATSIM team is working diligently to solve this issue and we will eliminate the connection cap as soon as we are able. Should that happen this weekend, we will communicate the change with you via network broadcast and social media posts. 


We thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these requests. Enjoy the first VATSIM Weekend with Audio for VATSIM!