Matt works in web and software development in his real world job, and has a strong background in the online flight simulation community. Many of you will know him from previous staff positions in Jacksonville ARTCC, or more recently from his involvement with BAVirtual, as well as being a VATSIM Supervisor. Matt has been an active VATSIM developer for many months, mostly focussing on myVATSIM which is the hub for the new registration process and P0 entry test slated for release within the coming days.

In our continuing efforts to consolidate and modernize our leadership structure, Matt will be assuming the tasks of Vice President Technical Development and Vice President Web Services so that one Vice President oversees the entire VATSIM development cycle. This means that multiple VPs will not be overseeing overlapping teams and clear priorities can be set for our developer community. This will be a trial and we will review the outcome over the coming months - the VP Web Services role will remain in the Code of Regulations for the time being.

Please join us in welcoming Matt to the Board of Governors!