Welcome to the member help area

Whether you're a current member wishing to check or update your details or a previous member returning to the VATSIM Network after some time away, the links on this page should assist to get you back up and running quickly.

Members may hold only one VATSIM identification number and password. If you have previously been a VATSIM member and your account is inactive, please do not create a new account. Please see how to reactivate your existing account below.

Before submitting a ticket, there are a number of solutions you can implement yourself. Using these you will not have to wait for a manager to respond to your ticket.

Membership Dashboard

The first and most useful page is the Membership Dashboard. Here you can view your account information, current Region/Division and your ratings. Using the drop-down menu at the top, you can find links to:

  • Change your Password
  • Change Region
  • Change Division within your Region
  • Change the Email Address on your Account

Reactivate Account

If you've not been connected to the VATSIM Network for some time, it is likely that your account may have been marked as inactive.

To confirm your current account status, click on the Reactivate your Account link. You will need to know either your existing VATSIM ID number or the password reminder word you created when you set your account up. If you can't remember either of these, please visit the Membership Help Desk.

Under rating you can see that the user is marked as Inactive, with the option to Reactivate by clicking "here".

  • NOTE: Before you reactivate, please make sure that your email address is valid as your reactivation details will be sent to the email address you have registered at VATSIM.

You will be asked to confirm your email address. So long as this is entered correctly and matches what is held on file, once you have clicked "Reactivate" you will be informed that this has been successful and their account will be active once again.

This will also reinstate any previous ATC rating you held and will continue to log flight statistics against previously logged stats. 

Forgotten Password

All of us forget a password every now and then. If you have, follow the link and enter your VATSIM ID and then lookup your details. On the page that follows, click on your ID Number and enter the email address we have on file for your account and your password will be emailed to your registered address.

Incorrect Registration Details

It is important that your registration details are accurate. If you find an anomaly with your details, please visit the Membership Help Desk.

VATSIM requires users to sign up with real first and last names. Nicknames, callsigns or abbreviations are not permitted. The Membership Department will gladly help resolve this.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please understand that any changes to your account may take UP TO 24 hours to propagate through all the VATSIM servers, and you may not be able to log in during that time. If you experience any problems AFTER that, please let us know. The Membership Department has no control over Rating Changes/Promotions, Divisional, Regional, and ARTCC/FIR/VACC assignments.

Changing Regions

Any member can fly online anywhere in the world, irrespective of which Region they're assigned. (i.e. If you're assigned to Asia Region and wish to fly in the USA, you can do so whenever you like. You do not need to change to the North America Region). 

You need only change Regions if you are a Controller or wish to become a Controller. 

Prior to requesting a Region transfer, members should first read the Transfer and Visiting Controller Policy. Importantly, members must have consolidated their skills by performing online for at least 50 hours at their current rating and must not have transferred between Regions or had a rating change in the past 90 days.

For help with ATC Ratings or Training, contact your current Division Staff.

To find your Region/Division websites, check our Region Information page.

If one of the solutions on this page does not solve your issue, visit the Membership Help Desk to receive help.