Welcome to the Zurich Night, the weekly onlineday of Switzerlands major airport!
Tuesday, January 26, 2021 - 18:30 to 21:30

Welcome to the Zurich Night, the weekly onlineday of Switzerlands major airport! Every Tuesday from 1830z to 2130z, expect full staffing, professional and friendly ATC service and plenty of traffic.

Enjoy one of total 4 IFR approaches or get yourself a spot as a small VFR aircraft between the big birds. VFR flights are still performed regularly despite the airport's size. This makes flying VFR to/from Zurich extremely interesting, but it's also a huge challenge which requires careful preparation. A lot of small airfields in the vicinity offer numerous possibilities for short VFR hops.

Zurich is a unique airport with a lot of operational restrictions due to noise abatement and its challenging layout. We know it by heart and love this airport with all its rough edges. And we are sure you gonna love it as well!

Almost every Tuesday we will also staff Geneva (LSGG) and Basel (LFSB) for you with our Trainees. Check out the bookings on vacc.ch.

Join our frequencies every Tuesday evening and enjoy!

Airport information, Scenery & Charts
LSZH - Zurich

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