The New York ARTCC (ZNY) is hosting its annual Live Event in Philadelphia, PA.
Saturday, November 3, 2018 - 13:00 to 22:45

The New York ARTCC (ZNY) is hosting its annual Live Event in Philadelphia, PA. It will feature controllers, live and in-person, controlling from Center City Philadelphia Friday night and throughout the day Saturday. On Friday night, the main event is the Philadelphia FNO. From 2330Z until 0330Z, on-site controllers will provide Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL) with full ATC services from clearance delivery to final vectors to New York Center! While the event period is only from 2330Z to 0330Z, operations will be transferred to those controllers available to control elsewhere but who could not make it to Philadelphia.

The next morning, start your flight on the West Coast for the TRANSCON event. TRANSCON flights constitute about 10% of flights departing and arriving New York City (KJFK, KEWR, and KLGA). While TRANSCONs have expanded to include many West Coast cities, small and large, this event will feature Seattle/Tacoma International Airport (KSEA), San Francisco International Airport (KSFO), Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX), and Denver International Airport (KDEN). These flights alone account for about 6% of daily operations (more than 230 flights). Book your slot to participate in one of these business-savvy, high-earning, corporate-sponsored flights! The earlier you depart, the better, as the potential for delays rises throughout the day. Departure slots start at 1300Z for KDEN and 1400Z for West Coast airports!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the ZNY Events Coordinator at [email protected].

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