Save the world or we all die!!
Sunday, August 12, 2018 - 11:00 to 23:00

Pandemic Realtime

Save the world or we all die

Aug 06 11Z to 12th 23Z

Back in march users flew more than 120.000 nm on more than 200 flights. Ande we almost won. Now the pandemic is back.

It's official, the world health organization has declared Phase 6 as a new disease has reached pandemic levels. And you have been drafted into the CDC-WHO emergency taskforce. You have one week to contain, find a cure and immunize the whole world.

Organize with the vatsim community and fly all over the world.

During the 7 days of the event fly to hot-spots around the globe bringing special CDC and WHO biohazard teams that are racing against time to contain the epidemic.


12 Cities will be randomly infected at the start of the event. (4cities with level 3 infection 4 cities with level 2 infection and 4 cities with level 1 infection)
If a city reaches level 4 infection it outbreaks infecting neighboring cities
You need to start in Atlanta (CDC Headquarters) or Geneva (WHO Headquarters)
You need to start the next flight from where you landed.
Each confirmed landing at one of the infected cities removes an infection token from the map
Every 24 hours the infection spreads and intensifies and the board is updated.
Flights in real time only no time acceleration. Supersonic planes are allowed.
Have fun and save the world!

You need to confirm your landing by pasting you flight link onto the Discord server that will be available during the week
Updates to the game board will also be available on the discord server and maybe on this forum too.

Can we save the world? Let's find out!

Here is the discord server:

Role playing is encouraged :-)