VATSIM UK and the Miami vARTCC are excited to announce "Miami Vice"
Saturday, July 11, 2020 - 11:00 to 13:00

VATSIM UK and the Miami vARTCC are excited to announce "Miami Vice" on the 11th of July, sponsored by LatinVFR! It's time to bring out the retro liveries as we jet back to the late 80's - join us from 1100-1300z as we depart Heathrow in search of warmer weather! We will be utilising our event booking system for pilots, you choose one of 60 departure times and we provide your route!

The event bookings system will be going live here on Sunday the 28th of July at 1600z - all pilots with a booking will receive a 20% discount code for LatinVFR's Miami v5 scenery via email!

All pilots are requested to read the Heathrow, Shanwick, and Gander pilot briefing here, and the New York Oceanic pilot briefing here. This applies even if you don't have an event booking, as it contains important information.

We've spoken to VATeir, Gander Oceanic, and New York Oceanic who have kindly agreed to provide atlantic coverage for the flight to Miami, as well as help with route planning.


We hope you'll enjoy!