Kuwait vACC invites you to our fortnightly online day at Kuwait (OKBK)!
Friday, March 5, 2021 - 15:00 to 18:00

Kuwait vACC invites you to our fortnightly online day at Kuwait (OKBK)! Every other Friday, expect a busy and fully staffed Kuwait, for 3 whole hours of professional, experienced and relaxed ATC services.

The Kuwait FIR is a small sector at the northern tip of the Gulf which typically serves aircraft traversing the busy Europe-Gulf States trunk air corridor, so don't worry about flying in or out of the airport of Kuwait (OKBK), we'll hopefully have you transit our scopes!

Whether IFR or VFR, everyone is welcome! So get your aircrafts prepared and come fly in the land of #NoObjectionAtKuwait.

We "Can't Ku-Wait" to see you there!

Airport Briefing & Scenery:

OKBK - Kuwait

P3D - Kuwait Airport Scenery
MSFS - Kuwait Airport Scenery
XP11 - Kuwait Airport Scenery