The RG Berlin invites you to a FlyIn in Schönefeld
Saturday, July 18, 2020 - 17:00 to 21:00

The opening of Berlin's new major airport BER is getting closer and closer. By the end of October 2020, we are confident. Not everything is finished yet, but the most important milestones have been reached. So it is time to get used to Schönefeld EDDB airport. Then the changeover afterwards is not so difficult.

The RG Berlin therefore invites you to a FlyIn in Schönefeld on 18.07.2020. You have the option to roll to the new BER terminal (Aprons A, B, C, D, E). Of course, you can continue to roll to the well-known Aprons 2, 3 in the North and 4 (GAT). Due to the standard scenery of some simulators, it is often not yet possible to spawn at the new terminal, but this will certainly be a remedy soon. There are also some payware sceneries.

We also allow you to approach the Southern Runway (25L/07R), due to still missing procedures currently preferably as visual approach. If you are able to enter an ILS frequency manually, you can also perform ILS approaches (information without guarantee, as it is 6 years old):

  • 25L, ILS/DME, IBSW, 109.50, CRS 246°
  • 07R, ILS/DME, IBSE, 109.70, CRS 066°

Please request arrivals on the southern runway with the intial contact with the arrival controller.

A good test run for us controller but also for pilots who want to experience the future now. We are looking forward to an exciting evening.

Charts & Infos
Payware Scenery X-Plane
Payware Scenery FSX/P3D
Payware Scenery P3D v4/v5