Transfer and Visiting Controller Policy

Effective: 24 October 2015. This policy is maintained by the Board of Governers.

The following policy has been published by the VATSIM Board of Governers and applies to a member who wishes to transfer to another Region / Division or operate as a Visiting Controller.


"Transfer Controller" is a person wishing to permanently transfer to another Region / Division so that their relationship with their old division ceases and the new Division becomes their registered home division.

"Visiting Controller" is a person who wishes to occasionally operate in another Division whilst retaining the permanent relationship with their existing home division.

  1. Region Transfer

    1. A Transfer Controller includes, but is not limited to, a person from another VATSIM Region, a person from a different simulation network, or a person with real world aviation experience. In all cases a Transfer Controller will be afforded the rights and privileges as set out in this policy.
    2. A Transfer Controller should use the Change Region procedure located under VATSIM, Member Services in order to contact the Regional Director and be assigned to a relevant Division, ARTCC, FIR, or vACC where local staff will be responsible for his or her integration as a Transfer Controller.
    3. A Transfer Controller is required to first consolidate their current rating by satisfactorily performing online for at least 50 hours at their current rating, and in the Division where the rating was granted. A rating not consolidated may not be transferred.
    4. In addition to the consolidation requirement detailed in 1.3, a Transfer Controller must wait 90 days after any rating change (promotion) and from any previous Region transfer, before any further Region transfer will be considered. A Transfer Controller should take this into account when submitting a Change Region request. The 90 day period applies only after using the Change Region procedure and does not apply to the initial Region deployment made by a member during registration with VATSIM. This provision shall apply to a Pilot / Observer rated member, after their initial Region / Division selection.
    5. A Regional Director must allow any reasonable Change Region request and pass it on to those who will expedite it. A Change Region request may be rejected only if there is a documented history that has been taken into consideration. Where a Change Region request is rejected, the Regional Director must advise the member in writing, highlighting the reason(s) for rejection; also, the Regional Director must insert the same highlights into the member’s database record.
    6. A Transfer Controller will automatically be subject to any local rules, but will retain his or her current rating, whilst learning the new ATC environment. The Transfer Controller should be fast-tracked through any local assessment or endorsement, in order to become fully operational as quickly as possible.
    7. A Transfer Controller must demonstrate a standard equal to the local requirements for their current ATC rating, and may be required to undertake an appropriate local competency check.
    8. A Transfer Controller having satisfactorily passed a local competency check, or having been accepted as being competent, shall thereafter have the same rights and privileges as local members of the same rating.
    9. Where a Transfer Controller has not yet satisfactorily passed a local competency check in accordance with his or her rating, the local jurisdiction may impose an appropriate restriction until such time that the Transfer Controller is able to demonstrate full competency. If at any stage a Transfer Controller does not accept the proposed local induction plan, or the Transfer Controller does not attain full competency within 90 days of the transfer, then the transfer will become void and the Region Director will arrange to transfer the member back to their previous Region without any loss of ATC rating.
  2. Visiting Controller

    1. The requirements detailed above for a Transfer Controller shall equally apply to a Visiting Controller, except:
      1. A Visiting Controller must already be a controller in another VATSIM Division; and
      2. A member may not hold an official staff position within a Region / Division where their status is only that of a Visiting Controller
    2. A controller shall perform the more than half of their controlling in their home Division
    3. The home Division is responsible for the provisions of training, assessments and ratings. A division may delegate some of this function to a sub-division operating under its control.
    4. The visited Division may provide training and assessment for the purpose of granting Visiting Controller status, but is not permitted to alter a controller’s rating.
    5. A controller seeking Visiting Controller status should apply to the training department of the Division where he or she is seeking to operate as a Visiting Controller, unless another method for application is published.
    6. For the purpose of network supervision, a Division shall make available, a list of Visiting Controllers.


October 2015: Formatting and grammar changes. Also, Pilot / Observer controllers must conform to 90 day waiting period for transfers. Effective from 24 October 2015

May 2009: Amend the Region Transfer document to reflect changes to the CoR and in particular “rating downgrades”

April 2007: Document re-numbered. Visiting controller defined and detailed

February 2007: Scope extended to include Transfer Controllers from outside of VATSIM. Also requirements included for all Transfer Controllers to consolidate their current rating prior to transfer, together with a 90-day waiting period between transfers. Effective from 1st March 2007.

January 2004: Drafted by the VATSIM Executive Committee and effective from February 15 2004.