Global Controller/ATIS Information Policy

Effective 1 February 2015. This policy is maintained by the Executive Comittee.

Controller information is a component of published text ATIS broadcasts.  Approved controller software programs format the broadcast of the Controller and ATIS Information slightly differently, but regardless of the software used, the following limitations shall apply:

For Controller Information:

  1. The first line of any Controller Information may contain voice channel or network information that is either automatically inserted by the ATC software or manually entered by the controller
  2. Beyond the one line of voice channel or network information, a controller shall add not more than four lines of airport operational information and each line shall be not more than 76 characters in length.
  3. Controllers should be as succinct as possible and construct the Controller Information in fewer than the maximum number of characters per line allowed by this policy.
  4. Information that is not permitted to be included in the Controller Information includes: Controller’s name and or rating or raw METAR data that has not been decoded.

For ATIS Information:

  1. ATIS information must contain only Aerodrome Name or Identifier, ATIS Information letter, Observation Time, Weather, Active Runway, Expected Approach Type, Frequency to contact first and appropriate aviation-safety related operational information.
  2. Operational information should include only information that is applicable in the VATSIM environment.  Real-world operational information that cannot be effectively implemented on VATSIM (e.g., lighting and/or equipment outages) should not be included in any ATIS information.
  3. Controllers should attempt to limit the ATIS Information to as few lines as possible.