Behavior expectations for all registered users, whether online as a pilot or controller.
The rules and guidelines for the governance of the network
User terms for the network and services it provides.
Policy outlining how VATSIM collects and uses data
This policy has been put in place to achieve the following aims: • to comply with the law, particularly the EU General Data Protection Regulations • to ensure good data protection practice • to protect members, staff, and other individuals • to protect the organisation
VATSIM takes the protection of children and young people seriously and places an obligation on members to report breaches of this policy. This policy places a further obligation on any member receiving a report to take action. The priority of this policy is to protect children and young people.
Global governance of controller training and rating upgrades
Restrictions for Region/Division transfer for Air Traffic Controllers
Virtual military air structures in VATSIM
Pilot & Controller software approved for use on the VATSIM network
Purpose and expected usage of the network broadcast system
Regulations for pilot training by Authorised Training Organizations (ATOs)
Policy defining the use of primary and secondary frequencies, ATIS, and Controller Information for Air Traffic Controllers.
Requirements to become a VATSIM Virtual Airline Associate
A list of callsigns restricted from use on the VATSIM Network
Policy governing VATSIM partner virtual airlines.