The Hit Squad was started in 2006 by VATSIM Founder and former President Richard Jenkins. It is comprised of a select group of air traffic controllers from all regions of the network who are essentially masters of their craft. These individuals are all seasoned controllers and each possesses the desire and knowledge to see both new and struggling airspaces within the Network flourish.

Many of the Hit Squad members currently hold staff positions or have held one in the past, and most have been active members of the training department within their home facilities. Even though neither is a requirement for membership within the Hit Squad, having staff and training department experience has proven in the past to be very helpful in accomplishing what the Hit Squad has set out to do.

What does the Hit Squad do?

The goal of the Hit Squad is not to build a division or facility from the ground up, but to put enough elements in place so that local staff and controllers have a good start, while maintaining a constant online presence.

Some of the duties performed by the Hit Squad include,

  • providing ATC presence in struggling and developing areas on the Network
  • staffing for events,
  • website assistance and creation,
  • sector, alias, and POF file creation for use with VRC and Euroscope,
  • assistance with facility Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) documentation,
  • controller training and assistance with training documentation. 

Thanks to the help and insight provided by the Hit Squad, new areas such as India, Thailand, Kenya, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia, just to name a few, have received the jump-start they needed and have become prospering facilities within the network.

How do we request assistance from the Hit Squad?

If you are a FIR/vACC Chief, Division Director, or Regional Director of a new or struggling facility that you believe the Hit Squad could be of some use to, I urge you to submit an application for assistance, by sending the Hit Squad an email, and provide as much information as you can. Although the Hit Squad cannot be everywhere at the same time, we will do our best to provide you with our assistance as soon as possible.

How do I become a member of the Hit Squad?

From time to time the Hit Squad will take applications for new membership depending on our current location and workload. Information regarding applications shall be posted in the VATSIM.net Forums.