Welcome to the VATSIM EC

The VATSIM Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for the operations of the virtual airspace around the world.

The Executive Committee (EC) consists of six Regional Directors (RD), one from each of the six regions within VATSIM.

Each RD manages the airspace which has been delegated to them, within the region are Divisions. The EC works as a team to generate policies that have worldwide impact, such as the Global ATIS Policy and Global Rating Policy [GRP]. Each EC member is allowed one vote, regardless of region size. RDs consult with their division leaders on matters prior to voting to ensure that our divisional staffs' needs are met.

Our goal is to make VATSIM a helpful and friendly environment for all to enjoy. We are extremely proud of our membership and can assure you that our members will provide unmatched ATC services and the very best Virtual Airlines to be found anywhere.

On the EC site you can find an EC staff listing and contact information, meeting minutes and copies of EC polices. Please feel free to contact myself or any other member of the EC with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are all very glad to help and look forward to seeing you online very soon.

Mark Richards
Executive Committee Chairman

The members of the Executive Committee

Amir Paz

Regional Director, VATSIM Africa Middle East Region

Anastasios Stefopoulos

Regional Director, VATSIM Asia Region

Apostolos Damkalis

Regional Director, VATSIM Europe Region

Nicola Felini

Regional Director, VATSIM North America Region

Mark Richards

Regional Director, VATSIM Oceania Region

Federico Navarro

Regional Director, VATSIM South America Region

Executive Committee Meeting Dates

Pursuant to Article 3.08 of the VATSIM Code of Regulations I hereby give a Notice of the Quarterly Meetings of the VATSIM Executive Committee for all meetings relating to activities conducted in the 2014 calendar year.


  • Q1 (Jan to Mar) - Saturday 12 Apr 14 - 20:00z
  • Q2 (Apr to Jun) - Saturday 12 Jul 14 - 20:00z
  • Q3 (Jul to Sep) - Saturday 11 Oct 14 - 20:00z
  • Q4 (Oct to Dec) - Saturday 10 Jan 15 - 20:00z

Mark Richards
Executive Committee Chairman
Dated at Melbourne, Australia on the 2nd day of March 2014.

VATSIM Regions

Everything about the Regions of VATSIM can be found here.