Our partners

VATSIM has partnerships with over 300 virtual airlines and special operations organizations from all around the world. Our relationship with these organizations is one of mutual benefit. Being listed as a VA/SOA Partner gives them exposure on our publically accessable database of virtual airlines and essentially, a VATSIM stamp of approval. In return, they help spread the word about VATSIM through the link and logo placed on their website.

For those who partake in "special operations", becoming a partner also gives their members allowances under the Special Operations Guidelines to take part in otherwise prohibited activities.

Only virtual airlines, or special operations organisations who meet a specific set of guidelines can become, and maintain their status as partners and these are viewable by clicking here.

Becoming an approved VSOA

To become an approved VSOA there is a slightly different process involved to becoming a mainstream VA partner. There are extra requirements surrounding training that needs to be provided to pilots, on top of the rules that all other organizations must adhere to.

Should you wish to enquire about becoming a VSOA or to start the process off, please open a ticket with our team who will be able to help guide you through the requirements and help you become accredited. Please do not fill out an application in our Links Manager database until requested to do so.

The link to the ticketing system is available on the "contact us" webpage in the Virtual Airlines section of this site.

Click here to view the VATSIM Special Operations Policy.