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The Virtual Airline & Special Operations Team is composed of a number of people who work tirelessly to improve VATSIM's relationship with external virtual flight organisations. As a VA and/or SOA partner, it is likely that you will speak to one of our representatives as we perform our regular audits.

If you would like to submit an application for your VA to become a VATSIM Partner you may do so by navigating from the main VATSIM page to VATSIM Pilots> Virtual Airlines>VA & SOA Partners>Apply for Partnership

Anybody who has any questions about VATSIM and our already approved VAs should contact us on our trouble ticketing system and we will get back to you promptly. Please remember to open the dropdown area, scroll down, and select VA Partners.

Who are we?

Roger Curtiss VATGOV9
Vice President VA and SOA

Responsible for building and maintaining’s partnerships with virtual airlines and with special operations (defined as military, paramilitary and civilian government flight organizations). Uses analysis and feedback to identify and implement new services for both virtual airlines and special operations.  Also responsible for monitoring web sites and web links to ensure compliance with affiliation rules and guidelines. Serves as the liaison between the Board of Governors and virtual airlines/special operations flight organizations for operations conducted on VATSIM. Establishes guidelines, provides timely review of applications and monitors for adherence to VATSIM rules and regulations


Barry Jeter
Director of SOA Relations

To take part in military style flight on the VATSIM network, individuals must join approved organisations to gain certain exemptions from VATSIM rules. This person employs his/her specialist knowledge of VATSIM rules and military flying to award the accreditation to VSOA organizations so that people can be allowed to fly military flight profiles on the network while not disrupting other pilots and controllers.


Romano Lara

Director of VA Relations

The vast majority of VATSIM Partnership requests come from virtual airline staff members, and this individual is tasked with specifically looking after these organizations’ Partnerships, and ensuring that they continually meet our requirements. (VA Audit Manager Team leader).  Hansson  is also the team leader of the Event & CPT XML Data Feed Project.



In order to maintain the reliabilty of the VATSIM Partnership program, Audit Managers are tasked with the responsibility to perform periodic checks of each VAP listing to monitor their status and adherence to our requirements.   The Audit Manager Team consists of:

Davor Kusec 

Nicholas Cavacini

Michael Schwartz

Zach Hutcherson

Bill Miller

James Bishop


The simulation of military flying operations on the VATSIM network is considered a sensitive subject and those organizations desiring to do so must meet exacting standards.  The SOA Coordinators are designated to assist the Director of SOA Relations with the monitoring and harminization of those practices.  The SOA Coordinators are:

Todd Ruth  USAF Virtual

Fredrick Fonlon vNATO

Sean Peterson VUSAF