VATSIM Pilot Ratings Program


VATSIM offers pilots a variety of pilot ratings designed to help new pilots learn the skills of flying online while helping more experienced pilots expand their skills and knowledge.

The menu on the left will take you to a listing of the currently offered VATSIM pilot ratings with the list of criteria for that rating the ATO must adhere to in order to deliver the VATSIM pilot rating to VATSIM member pilots.

ATOs are all different in how they award ratings.  Some have programs designed exactly to deliver the criteria as listed while others have the ratings structured within their own ratings and training design.  ATOs also offer ratings in languages other than English.  And, not all ATOs will offer all VATSIM ratings.  This allows each ATO to be creative in how they deliver the training and rating to all free market forces to define the next level of pilot training on VATSIM.