Introduction to VATSIM Pilot Training

Introduction to VATSIM Pilot Training


      1. Promote activity to train VATSIM pilots at all stages of experience using third party resources qualified and monitored by VATSIM’s VATGOV14, VP Pilot Training.

      1. Provide pilots with recognition for having achieved demonstrated skill in online flying at several levels in a voluntary program.

      1. Provide the single platform for issuing VATSIM Pilot Ratings as defined below.

    1. VATSIM VP, Pilot Training (VATGOV14)

      1. Design, modify and implement the Pilot Training and Certification system within VATSIM

      2. Conduct periodic audits to ensure the quality of ATO programs

      3. Acts on behalf of the BoG in matter pertaining to VATSIM Pilot Training and Ratings

        1. This capacity can only be superseded by a vote of the BoG members meeting all governance guidelines set out by the VATSIM CoR.

    1. Definitions used in this document

      1. ATO - Authorized Training Organization

        1. Organizations specifically certified by VATSIM VP Pilot Training to issue specific pilot ratings.

        2. ATOs are individually certified to issue each of the VATSIM Pilot Ratings defined below.

        3. ATOs may choose to offer only select VATSIM pilot ratings

        4. ATOs are represented to VATSIM through their designated Chief Flight Instructor and

          1. All VATSIM Pilot Training official communications for the ATO is directed to this individual.

          2. The Chief Flight Instructor shall be identified in the initial application or in writing from an officer representing the ATO in the case the identified Chief Flight Instructor is replaced with another individual.

      2. VATGOV14 – VP of Pilot Training for VATSIM

        1. Design, modify and implement the Pilot Training and Certification system within VATSIM

        2. Conduct periodic audits to ensure the quality of ATO programs

        3. Governs and regulates ATO requirements, certification and periodic re-certification

        4. Acts a single point of contact between the ATO through its Chief Flight Instructor and VATSIM for all Pilot Training matters

        5. Represents matters of interest to the pilot training community on the VATSIM BOG

      3. Board of Governors (BoG) –

        1. Governing body for all VATSIM rules and regulations.

        2. Provides the authority for VATGOV14 to govern and regulate the Pilot Training program

      4. Virtual Airlines (VA) –

        1. A third party organization independent of VATSIM who organize virtual pilots to fly on the VATSIM network

        2. VAs may apply for and be certified to issue VATSIM Pilot Ratings to VATSIM members

        3. VAs often decide to only issue ratings to their internal pilots and may not be open to anyone else to gain a rating there

      5. Independent ATO

        1. A third party pilot training organization independent of VATSIM and not affiliated with any other larger organization

          1. Independent ATOs may be authorized under this program to issue VATSIM pilot ratings

      6. Chief Flight Instructor

        1. Designated contact between VATSIM and the ATO

        2. Changes to local instructor access to CERT or the ATO application must come from this individual.

        3. All official communications between VATSIM and the ATO pass between the Chief Flight Instructor and VATGOV14 or their designee.

      7. CERT

        1. CERT is VATSIM’s Certificate Server website that maintains confidential records of all members and is wholly VATSIM property.

        2. ATOs have limited access to CERT to allow them to modify pilot ratings of any individual who has passed the ATO's program for that rating as approved by VATGOV14's office.

        3. Only the member who’s rating is being upgraded VATSIM CID is required to make an upgrade

        4. Any abuse or attempted abuse of the privilege of having CERT access will result in the member being removed from the ATO list and possible other action as defined by CoC, CoR, or the UA is violated

      8. VATSIM Pilot Ratings

        1. Rating Nomenclature

          1. P0: Not Rated

          2. P1: VATSIM Online Pilot

          3. P2: VATSIM Airmanship Basics

          4. P3: VATSIM VFR Pilot

          5. P4: VATSIM IFR Pilot

          6. P5 :VATSIM Advanced IFR Pilot

          7. P6: VATSIM International and Oceanic Pilot

          8. P7: Helicopter VFR and IFR Pilot

          9. P8: Military Special Operations Pilot

          10. P9: VATSIM Pilot Flight Instructor

        2. All VATSIM Rating criteria are defined within this document