Welcome to New ATOs!

Welcome and congratulations on becoming an ATO!  We want to thank you again for participating in VATSIM's Pilot Training Program.


Here are the next steps:

1. Get CERT Access - Send an email with the firstname lastname CID of your chief flight instructor and staff you will allow access to CERT to make the ratings awards.  Some ATOs use only one person, the chief CFI, some use several instructors too.  If the person you select doesn't already have CERT access this will change their password to all VATSIM services, including clients.

If you have CERT a new menu item will appear; if not you will be given a single menu at cert.vatsim.net.  When adding a rating simply enter the member's CID, a confirming page will appear and you're done!  The member's CERT record is appended with the date of the rating along with the ATO and awarder's name and CID.

No member should ever change their own rating; for integrity purposes past new ATOs will work through their program together and test each other to gain experience and smooth out any systems issues, then award each other the rating as a part of the practice so all authorized CERT access instructors on your staff have a chance to practice before you go live.  VATGOV14 can also award a rating administratively to Chief Instructors who are the only CERT approver when provided with proper documentation.

2Join the Pilot Ratings Development Team - You and your staff have the opportunity to contribute to the design of new ratings and modification of existing ones as members of the pilot training design staff using a hidden forum.  I will include anyone listed in Step 1 above unless you tell me not to.  Please use the introductions thread to introduce yourself to the existing members, look around, you'll see how all the ratings were designed to date and what we're working on right now.

3Forum News Release - You control the news release, both the content and timing.  If you leave it up to me I will make a short announcement in the forums and provide a link to your site.  If you want to send me a press release to use, I will use that.  If you want to delay the announcement to let internal members know first or to get some last minute details taken care of, I will wait for an email from you to make the announcement.

4Create ATO Listing - Go to the VA Partners site (LinksManager) and create an account (or edit your existing account).  Make sure to tick the ATO button so you show up in the listing there.  VATGOV9 was notified by email you had been approved.

5ATO Matrix - I will edit the VATSIM web pages that list ATOs to include your information and add you to the ratings matrix, which shows members which ATOs offer which ratings.

I am waiting now for your email with your list of names and CIDs to get your ATO account established in the system.  Thanks again for your help in making VATSIM the best online flying organization anywhere.


Pan Lalas

VATGOV14, VP - Pilot Training