How to Apply to be a VATSIM ATO

ATO applications are currently on hold. After a recent BoG meeting vote to review the current system, all recent and any new ATO applications not ALREADY under review will be placed on hold until after Jan 1, 2014. Application reviews will start again at the completion of the review period.


I am very excited to see your interest in how to become an Authorized Training Organization (ATO) for VATSIM!

We encourage you as an ATO to cater to your audience.  If you are a VA we would expect your programs to train within the environment your pilots fly, including local languages.  Your rules and procedures should be as a local pilot flying from your area or airline would expect to see, with VATSIM accommodations. 

The design of the ATO program allows the ATO to largely control how they train, how they use technology, and how they successfully produce trained pilots for their airspace and organizations.  VATSIM defines what, the ATO defines how, we make an agreement and shake hands, then you are certified to award official VATSIM Pilot Ratings to VATSIM members.

I get a lot of email from interested people and the answer on how to apply to be an ATO is a very straightforward, four step process. 

1. Most just cut and paste the requirements for ATOs into a document then answer under each one how you will meet that requirement.  Send that to me for approval. 

2. Once approved you do the same thing for each rating you plan to offer, I approve your plan and thus your application. Remember the VATSIM Online Pilot Rating (P1) is required for any additional ratings.

3. You then create the system your documents describe and notify me by email when you are ready for a voice audit on TS or Skype.  I live in -5 UTC. 

4. Audits take less than an hour to conduct based on our history and so far we've never had anyone fail it, because of the great coordination and communication you can expect throughout the process.

If you have any questions or need any help, please let me know.

Pan Lalas
VATGOV14, VP - Pilot Training