The Squawkbox is the classic queen among in this group. After a normal installation, you will find the squawkbox directly in your flight sim menu.


  • built in after installation
  • flight plan interface
  • smaller then FSInn


  • very few tools for the pilot
  • the display of other aircrafts is not good if the aircraft type and airline is unknown for the system

All over all, Squawkbox is the slimmer client, FSInn shows traffic better around your cockpit.

Install Squawkbox

This guide is intended to get you started using SquawkBox as soon as possible. It does not cover all the features in SquawkBox. For more information be sure to read the main SquawkBox user manual. This guide assumes you already have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 or newer installed on your comput

Download Squawkbox

Before you can install the pilots client Squawkbox, you surely will need the software. Squawkbox can be found here.

To install SquawkBox, extract the sb3setup.exe file out of the downloaded ZIP file. Run sb3setup.exe:

  1. The first thing that will be displayed is the welcome screen. Click next to proceed.
  2. The next screen will present the software licensing agreement. Check the box to indicate that you have read and agree to the agreement. Then click next.
  3. On the next screen you need to select what parts of SquawkBox to install. This will depend on whether you want to run SquawkBox on one computer or two. If you run it on one computer, Flight Simulator and SquawkBox will run on the same computer. In the case of two computers, SquawkBox will run on one computer and Flight Simulator will run on the other. For more details on how this is setup, read the section on using SquawkBox with WideFS. When using two computers, you must run the installer on both computers. select the appropriate option depending on where you're running the installer and click Next.
  4. Next you will be prompted to specify the directory where you want to install SquawkBox. By default this is C:\Program Files\SquawkBox3\. To choose a different directory, click the Change button. Click Next. Next you will need to indicate whether you intend on using SquawkBox with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 or both. Pick the appropriate option and click next.
  5. The installer will then install all the relevant files onto your computer. Once finished you will be prompted to display the user guide and/or the README file. Choose the appropriate options and click the Finish button. SquawkBox  is now installed on your computer. Don't forget to repeat the installation process on the second computer if you are running Flight Simulator on one computer and SquawkBox on the other.

Start Microsoft Flight Simulator

Setup and start your flight in Flight Simulator. Ensure that you are not positioned on an active runway or you may give a nasty surprise to someone on final approach when you first connect.

Start SquawkBox

Select the Modules item from the Flight Simulator main menu and select Start SquawkBox. The splash screen will appear as SquawkBox starts. When the startup sequence is complete you should see the main SquawkBox window.