Short info:

Download both FSInn and FSCopilot in one archive, parked here.

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FSInn is a modular working client, developed my the MCDU-group, a group of software developers mainly from France. FSInn is a freeware pack which comes with numerous features and enables you to connect your Flight Sim to the VATSIM Network. FSInn has a worldwide support team which can be accessed by writing into either the forums or the VATSIM UK forums. There may well be other forums that offer support to the VATSIM pilot who uses FSinn.

FSInn has a large number of features including a radar screen, a push back feature and the ability to ensure that all other multiplayer aircraft are depicted in their correct  livery. All of the information regarding FSinn and FScopilot is contained in a very good users manual.

The pluses of FSInn:

  • A very large tool section is embedded with FSInn, surch as a push back tool, time sync and for vfr flights a head effect tool.
  • FSInn displays the traffic around your aircraft in the liveries, you have placed on your system. So, if you have a large number of AI-aircraft sets, you are able to see the aircrafts in their original liveries (because your ai-collection has it on board).
  • The modules are coming along in separate windows. If you have a setup with two monitors, you can e.g. set the FSInn radar screen on the 2nd window.

The minuses:

  • The setup is a bit tricky, but well documented. 
  • the software package is bigger due to the possible ton's of AI-aircrafts you would like to have in your setup.

All over all, FSInn is very stable but can slow down your flight sim, especially when it is not correctly set up.

What do you need?

The original web site is currently down, you can find your copy of FSInn at several places, e.g. here. This zip contains two install files, you will need both to run FSInn. The installation routine is very simple and all you have to do is click yes at each stage of the install.

At one point during the install it may say that it cannot find a version of FSinn on your hard drive, just ignore that and click yes to continue.

Important for REinstallers:

If you have previously installed FSInn and you want to do a new install over the old pack, you first have to uninstall FSInn, and FSCopilot completely AND clean the Windows Registry of the database. Only edit your registry if you feel confident to do so. Scan for "FSFDT". More details for this process are here.

First install FSCopilot, the installation process more runs automatically. In a second step install FSInn. During the installation process you will be asked for your name and your VATSIM data. After the installation, you will find FSInn in the menu of your Flight Simulator. On the first start, expect a scan of your aircraft folder. FSInn is building up the list of aircrafts to display for the traffic around you. If you have installed some AI traffic packs, FSInn will use this package too.

The major task in FSInn is to configure the client for your personal needs and for your own system setup. It really depends on the PC you have to setup the limits for FSInn. The detailed setup is published in different forums, e.g. here