VATSIM Documents

In this section, you will find the major documents created by the Organizers of VATSIM and their Staff. 

User's Agreement

User terms for the network and services it provides.

Privacy Policy

Collection of user information and how it is used. 

Code of Conduct

Behavior expectations for all registered users, whether online as a pilot or controller.

Code of Regulations

Details of the Founders, Board of Governors, and the regulation process.

Approved List of Software 

Software that is permitted for use on the VATSIM network.

Special Operations Guidelines

The guidelines for all kind of virtual military air structures in VATSIM.

Global Ratings Policy

Global Standards for Controller Ratings on the VATSIM network.

Broadcast Policy

Global policy explaining Broadcasts

ATO Policy and Procedures Handbook

VATSIM ATO Pilot Training Handbook.