VATSIM Communities

You might have thought that VATSIM is a top-to-bottom structured organization. Well, in parts it is, in others it isn't.

On the top level there are the inventors of VATSIM, the Founders. Their part is to see that the services required for network operation are available and the main purposes of VATSIM are maintained as the community develops.  

Below the Founders are the Governors, who sit on the VATSIM Board of Governors. Governors have specialized functions (e.g. Web services, Training, or even Conflict Resolution.) You will find more details about the VATSIM Staff here.

But the majority of the work done on VATSIM is not done by those at the top, but by those in the regions, which are spread around the world.

In the VATSIM regions, all local structures, such as the one that represents your country, are organized. The regions cover the majority of VATSIM members and are the home of the Air Traffic Controllers. To learn more about these regions, click here.