VATSIM Structure

Structures of VATSIM

Let us have a look on the structures inside VATSIM. With the term "network" we are talking about the communities and local structures inside VATSIM (and not the internet-structure).

Every member of VATSIM is also member of a local community, called "vACC". Although the term, a "Virtual Area Control Center" is more referring to the air traffic control, a vACC in VATSIM is also the home for the pilots in the countries. So, a "vACC" is your local home. VACC's are combined in Divisions, they are again members of Regions. So as example: the vACC Spain is member of the VATSIM Europe Division, which again is member of the VATSIM European Region. Have a look here.

Parallel to VATSIM's own structure, a good number of communities are aligned or enlisted to VATSIM, such as the Virtual Airlines. A "VA" is a home for the pilots who want to fly under airline conditions. Most Virtual Airlines have an own structure, a web site, offer real (or at least valid) flight plans, ton's of information and serve their own communities.

Pilots who are looking for training to gain the skills to be a successful pilot on VATSIM will find help from VATIM's Authorized Training Organization (ATO) system.  ATOs have been certified by VATSIM to follow the published guidelines for each of our nine pilot ratings to ensure consistent requirements are met for the ratings.  After the pilot completes the course as set forth by the ATO of their choice the ATO staff will award the pilot a corresponding VATSIM Pilot Rating.  You can read all about VATSIM's Pilot Rating Program here and see a list of ATOs here.

Last, but not least, the VATSIM forum is the meeting place for all members. Here, you can discuss and get tips about everything what's important for the community of VATSIM.

So have a look around.