Controller Clients

Controller Client Software

There are a few different controller client software programs that are approved for use on the network and a controller is free to use any of these at any time.

The most common controller client software programs are described below.

1. Virtual Radar Client - VRC

The Virtual Radar Client [VRC] is easy to use and the most commonly used ATC client on the VATSIM network.

VRC was primarily designed for use on multiple monitors where it allows the main radar scope to be kept uncluttered by having all the secondary functions (chat, flight strip editing, display control, etc) on a second monitor. VRC can aslo be used on a single monitor.

2. Euroscope - ES

EuroScope [ES] is a state-of-the-art ATC client software that combines features learned from real life radar software and years of online controlling experience. EuroScope features an innovative display and handling of controlled airspace, fully customisable aircraft tags and a buit in simulator for training purposes.

3. Advanced Simulator Radar Client - ASRC

The Advanced Simulator Radar Client [ASRC] is earlier ATC client software that is still approved for use on the VATSIM network. ASRC can still be found on the  AVSIM file library but is rarely used. You will need to be registered with AVSIM to access the library but it is free to register.