Upcoming events and flyins:

25.07.2014 / 11:00utc:
LLBG- Runway Grand Opening Event

During this event the skies of the Israeli airspace will be completely illuminated and will allow...


25.07.2014 / 17:00utc:
Bucharest Otopeni Summer RealOps

Welcome you all to this year’s Summer Edition!


25.07.2014 / 23:30utc:
ZMP Northern Migration IX

Hundreds of flights will be operating in ZMP airspace throughout the event.


26.07.2014 / 11:00utc:
Drift to the Far East: UHHH<->ZBAA

Welcome to the ‘Drift to the Far East” event held by VATRUS and VATPRC!


26.07.2014 / 15:00utc:
Bilbao Fly-in

From VATSPA we would like to invite everyone to Bilbao on 26 July to enjoy a Saturday full of...


26.07.2014 / 16:00utc:
Dublin - Barcelona City Link

We look forward to welcoming you into both Dublin and Barcelona with top-notch ATC!


26.07.2014 / 17:00utc:
[HKJK,HUEN,HTKJ] Central African Triangle

We did it last year, and now we are bringing it back for more short hop flights.


27.07.2014 / 01:00utc:
FedExVAC Presents: The Long Haul Luau

The last event was a huge success and we hope to achieve even more with our event this year


02.08.2014 / 14:00utc:
Vienna RealOPS 2014

All departures from Vienna will be equal to the actual real flights on that evening.


08.08.2014 / 23:00utc:
VATCAR's Caribbean Heat Event

Hopping across the Caribbean Sea between four hot VATCAR destinations


16.08.2014 / 10:00utc:
EGBB Mid Summer Madness 8!

Two long duration events in two days. Some prizes are there for participating in the event.


Zurich to Copenhagen

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Zurich to Copenhagen with a brilliant explaination

Cross The Pacific: Rader screen over RJJJ

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Cross the Pacific in time scale.