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23.11.2014 / 06:00utc:
VATNZ - Sunday Night Ops

This week the action is centered on two busy regional airports.


23.11.2014 / 17:00utc:
VATEUD Full Coverage 2014

VATEUD's vACCs and VATUK are all working together to bring you a fantastic evening on VATSIM.


23.11.2014 / 19:00utc:
VATSIM UK Cargo Night

This is the perfect event whether you want to fly your MD11, 737 or Dash 8.


24.11.2014 / 00:00utc:
Storm the Seattle Class D's!

Come on out for a fun evening of flying.


25.11.2014 / 20:00utc:
Focus On Trieste LIPQ

VATITA is organizing a new step of the "Focus on..." events' series.


26.11.2014 / 06:00utc:
NZ Weekly Wednesday

Challenging landings at both ends!


26.11.2014 / 23:45utc:
Caribbean Nights Piarco FIR!

Challenges that test even the most experienced pilots.


29.11.2014 / 16:00utc:
Between Pakistan, Lebanon & Jordan

Waiting for a good trans-continental event to come up? Well, look no further!


29.11.2014 / 17:00utc:
EDDN Christkindlesmarkt Fly-In 2014

We invite all pilots to our "Christkindlesmarkt Fly-In" at Nuremberg


29.11.2014 / 18:00utc:
Live In Athens Vol.3 - LGAV OVERLOAD

Help us try and surpass the official capacity limits of LGAV.


VATSIM UK Live 2014

Flash is required!
VATSIM UK is showing again that ATC and Flying in VATSIM is fun and a community thingy.

Zurich to Copenhagen

Flash is required!
Zurich to Copenhagen with a brilliant explanation