Notams and news:

On Saturday April 19, 2014: Sky Blue Radio presents another exciting edition of FS InFocus, when host Robert Touchtone welcomes Tom Guerrette from Flight Sim Con 2014 and Florian Harms from VATSIM’s[more]

VATSIM is looking for applications from those interested in filling the position of Vice President of Supervisors.[more]

VATSIM Vienna 2014:

Join in on our global meeting on May 9th-11th, 2014, in the heart of Europe, Vienna, Austria.[more]

Upcoming events and flyins:

19.04.2014 / 18:00utc:
Stuttgart FlexOPS 2014

Find out how flexible ATC can be...


19.04.2014 / 23:59utc:
West Coast Bonanza

Enjoy the west coast from the polar to the Mexican border.


20.04.2014 / 17:30utc:
Rotterdam - Dublin City Pair

Fly between these cities with full ATC services!


26.04.2014 / 12:30utc:
Approach in India

Enjoy a challenging approach New Delhi


26.04.2014 / 16:00utc:
VATSIM Germany Overload vol.7

Every year at this time, we begin to scrub our runways, paint the taxiway-lines and polish the...


26.04.2014 / 18:00utc:
The Amazing VATMEX Race

Take the challenge of a real interesting group fun.


VATSIM UK Live 2013

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Impressions of that classic event held annually in the UK

From Frankfurt to Rotterdam

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Another video by Musicalaviator