Notams and news:

Over the past few weeks there have been some sad, but exciting changes in the members of the VATSIM Board of Governors. [more]

Upcoming events and flyins:

01.11.2014 / 14:00utc:
Margalla Night

Try out a more challenging side of Pakistan!


01.11.2014 / 16:00utc:
VATSIM Germany Overload - Minor Edition

It's been half a year since our last VATSIM Germany Overload with our major airports and another...


01.11.2014 / 19:00utc:
Vienna-Skopje City Shuttle

Take some extra fuel just in case...


01.11.2014 / 22:00utc:
WorldFlight 2014

It's that time of the year again! Prepare yourself for the biggest event on the VATSIM calendar and...


02.11.2014 / 19:00utc:
Capital Sunday

You might want to leave your heavy in the hangar and use a light or medium aircraft!


02.11.2014 / 23:00utc:
ZLA's Seventh Annual Suicide Ops event!

Suicide Ops will be in full swing by the early afternoon.


04.11.2014 / 20:00utc:
Focus On Genova - LIMJ

VATITA is organizing the next step of our "Focus on..." events' series.


05.11.2014 / 19:00utc:
Czech NON-RNAV Online Day

VACC-CZ invites you to the thematic Czech NON-RNAV Online Day


07.11.2014 / 19:00utc:
Nice Cote d'Azur : LFMN

You are all invited to participate in NICE ONLINE, 4 hours of non-stop control.


08.11.2014 / 15:00utc:
Fly Copenhagen

Celebrating fantastic, brand new scenery!


09.11.2014 / 10:00utc:
Bridge between Continents 2014

Inaugural edition of the largest event of the year in the far north.


09.11.2014 / 13:00utc:
EDDT/EDDB Rush Hour Berlin 2014

Rush Hour traffic for both airports at the same time.


VATSIM UK Live 2014

Flash is required!
VATSIM UK is showing again that ATC and Flying in VATSIM is fun and a community thingy.

Zurich to Copenhagen

Flash is required!
Zurich to Copenhagen with a brilliant explanation