Notams and news:

The BoG has selected Gunnar Lindahl as new VP Supervisors.[more]

VATSIM is pleased to announce the release of vATIS, a new, automated ATIS software package, being made available to VATSIM controllers.[more]

Upcoming events and flyins:

23.09.2014 / 18:00utc:
Crossing Tuesday

vACC Switzerland and VATSIM Germany cordially invite you to the weekly


23.09.2014 / 19:00utc:
Focus on Bologna - LIPE

VATITA is organizing the next step in our "Focus on..." events series.


24.09.2014 / 23:45utc:
Caribbean Nights Kingston FIR!

Challenges that test even the most experienced pilots.


26.09.2014 / 14:00utc:
Explore Lahore

Take a trip to one of the historic and cultural centers of Pakistan!


26.09.2014 / 18:00utc:
Geneva - One by One

vACC Switzerland launches the latest addition to its event catalogue at Geneva International...


26.09.2014 / 18:00utc:
Dublin Online!

Staffing Dublin from top to bottom


26.09.2014 / 23:00utc:

On Friday night, September 26th, New York is opening up our entire ARTCC for you.


27.09.2014 / 13:00utc:
Hong Kong-Taipei Cityhopping Event

VATROC and VATSIM-HK invite you to join us.


27.09.2014 / 17:30utc:
Rotterdam-London City Pair

Linking two of Western Europe's most important cities.


27.09.2014 / 21:00utc:
Southern Regional Night

8 ARTCC are coming together, bringing back Southern Regional Night with continuous ATC throughout.


28.09.2014 / 16:00utc:
Runway to the Danger Zone

Attention to all civil and military pilots!


VATSIM UK Live 2014

Flash is required!
VATSIM UK is showing again that ATC and Flying in VATSIM is fun and a community thingy.

Zurich to Copenhagen

Flash is required!
Zurich to Copenhagen with a brilliant explanation